The New Normal – Humans Now Treated and Healed with Gene-therapy

BioViva and Liz Parrish have lifted us to a new era, the New Normal of genetic therapy on humans.

Liz Parrish, the CEO of BioViva has taken two gene therapies as a test subject simultaneously.

Liz Parrish

Her reasoning to take this leap is that innovation is blocked for medicine if bold and caring individuals do not take the initiative steps necessary to portray with precedents the value of novel and marvelous therapies available for people.

As citizens, parents, and family members all have a social responsibility to ensure that our communities make wise choices with the available technologies. If one government chooses to deny the rights, you can go to other nations that will respect these fundamental rights for preserving health by providing and taking the procedures. Source

As gene cutting is often used synonymously with CRISPRing: “Everything is possible with CRISPR,” says geneticist Hugo Bellen. “I’m not kidding.” Genies are said to have the power to grant three wishes. But genies recently released from laboratory flasks promise to fulfill nearly any wish a biologist can dream up. “It’s not oh, maybe someday,” Doudna says. “It’s now.” CRISPR technology is moving so fast that human reaction times may not be enough to cork the bottle before the genie escapes”, with a twist – to the states that are allowing the gene-engineering advances for it’s population.

CRISPR dramatically changes the complexity of solving medical problems. It is sad that some people might actually think that they in some way benefit from their current position in the current hierarchy and would be better off with the stagnant status quo. Such thinking indicates a profound lack of intelligence. Some people might want to rule such a world, though an insightful observer should be willing to relinquish any such possible advantage to live in the coming genetically engineered future. Fortunately, the stakes are so high with CRISPR that it seems likely that a populations will break ranks with the Western anti-technology bloc. When this happens the gap between the modified and unmodified will be painfully obvious.

The objective is not to extend death, to extend the worst part of our lives, but to reverse aging by preventing the degradation of cells to start. Not allowing the symptoms of aging like cancer and Alzheimer’s, etc. to occur. Reversal of aging is much easier to do than longevity, said George Church. Source

It was predicted that CRISPR will be used to edit multiple genes at once in a person outside of FDA and EU in the next few years. Single gene therapies are already being explored with some groups planning to take things like hTERT, Myostatin inhibitors and other gene therapies via viral vectors into the human model. CRISPR will allow multiple sites to be hit at once but it is early days for the technology.

Bioviva Sciences, Dr Fossell, Dr Blasco and others are pushing to get such things into Human testing, the big problem is the previously mentioned perceived safety aspects of gene therapy (AAV delivery for example is considerably more accurate and safe than it was historically). Very recently a gene therapy was used to reasonable effect treating Beckers MD at the Nationwide Childrens Hospital which used a Follastatin Myo Inhibitor to improve muscles, it dramatically improved some of the patients. Some advice that AAV2 would be the best as it has good neural interaction and its something Telocyte and BioViva are using to target microglial cells in the brain with telomerase. Such a CRISPRing would not be required to pass through the blood-brain barrier. Source

Bottom line gene therapy is a very powerful tool that is used on people today.

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